Ay! You made it! Hi.

Since you’re here, I’ve an offer for ya:

Join my mailing list. 

Look, I know it’s a tad forward, and you’re thinking, “why the eff…?” — ‘spesh since in this day n’ age everyone and their extended heckin’ family is vying after your attention to try to sell you something. I promise this is different. 

The point here is that I want nothing more than to for you to hear all my upcoming music releases, before anyone else in the world, for free. Seriously.

Should you e’er-so-kindly invite me into thine email inbox, not only will I deposit fresh tunes therein a full week before they hit all the various listening platforms, but I’ll also include studio videos documenting the creation process, as well as additional extras — think digital artwork, otherwise unreleased alt. versions (if applicable), and in-depth stories behind the music (or, at the very least, trying to explain how the ridiculous track title came about).

All exclusively yours. Sans charge. And no one else gets to see or hear any of it. Just you.

I’ll also send you bi-weekly updates from within the veritable adult-sized blanket fort space ship that is my studio abode so that you get sneaky previews of my creative shenanigans and the various things I’m ceaselessly tinkering with, including nebulous fledgling musical ideas that eventually evolve into fully fleshed-out productions.

And, immediately upon sign-up, you’ll gain access to all the hitherto existing content, which you may peruse at your leisure.

So there. That’s my offering. I sincerely hope you opt to follow my antics a tad closer, and I’d love to serenade you in the nearest of futures. If you’re down, kindly lemme know where you’d like me to send all the things: