Your roommate / best friend spots you come home after work and remove your shoes to reveal a pair of argyle socks you’d nabbed for a steal at your local supermarket, and proceeds to make fun of you via the off-the-cuff phrase, “Argyle Twinkletoes”. You cackle hysterically and turn that into the decided title for your new mid-tempo electro dub metal tune. Four years later, now armed with a considerably evolved sense of both music production and marketing, you decide that said tune had never quite received the spotlight it deserved, and set off to conjure a slightly edited-down remix augmented with some significant punch and polish. As a result, one of your all-time favorite self-produced tracks — not to mention live set staples — slaps harder than ever before (quite literally, if you consider that snare), whilst highlighting all of its original funky grooves and melodic guitar-driven hooks. Behold: “Argyle Twinkletoes…es.

2020 Live Performance Version That Eventually Inspired the Remix: