An eclectic amalgamation of electro-psy-funk-neuro-disco-DnB-trance-metal, “Alyag” is the self-produced sonic brainchild of multi-instrumentalist and longtime tune-tinkerer Alexandre Popravko. Eccentrically experimentative, Alexandre strives to draw upon his extensive palette of musical influences (ranging from Scandinavian melodeath metal, to psytrance, drum n’ bass, glitch hop, neuro funk, IDM, ambient, synthwave, and more), and explore the favorite elements of each that make him groove and wiggle his boot, as it were. From melodic and heavy to dainty and light-hearted, each resulting track is a uniquely flowing fusion of varied genres and styles that converge together into a dynamically evolving soundscape journey, sparking the listener’s imagination and encouraging them to formulate their own tale to the tune.

On stage, Alyag is an even farther reaching extension of that eclectic energy, blending all original music into a cohesive, ever-flowing electronic mix while he deftly switches between live guitars, synthesizers, and drum samplers amid a furious whirlwind of emotes. Each set is uniquely arranged, featuring extensive remixes of his existing work coupled with unreleased material and new transitions – often entire musical sections not heard anywhere else – tailored specifically toward that individual performance. 

His most notable appearances have included Reign Bough Fiddle, FozzyFest, Astral Harvest, Shambhala, and Wicked Woods music festivals, often alongside Kali Yuga & The Genesa Project, as well as multiple performances at the Ship & Anchor, Habitat, HiFi, and Junction clubs in Calgary. 

With a perpetually evolving plethora of ideas and projects lined up to add to his already considerable aural arsenal, Alyag’s production proclivity continues ramping up.

"Pure genius! Seamlessly blends both genres of metal and EDM."
Michael D.
"One of the most innovative approaches to EDM I've ever heard. Combining elements of two of my favorite genres. Something I didn't think could be done. Amazing work."
Derek L.
"Brain spearing fused metal with many an awesome twist... amazing."
Pete T.