Originally sparked as an entry for a remix contest (with the very likelihood that it wasn’t going to win), this song has since been revamped from the ground up as an Alyag original, with the few references / samples used in said remix having since been removed and replaced.

Though primarily an instrumental dance track, this a-bumpin’, driving melodic electro house tune uses vocal samples — sourced from vintage public domain sci-fi radio broadcasts, AI-generated text-to-speech prompts, and video game inspired voiceover snippets recorded by Alyag himself — to tell the tale of a killer robot on the loose, all the while taking the listener on a dynamic soundscape journey of light and dark, orchestral and distorted, uplifting and sinister, hope and doom (the latter consisting of a particularly heavy drop section very much inspired by the sound design of Mick Gordon).

As per classic Alyag tradition, the zany title has little to do with the narrative of the song, and its origins are lost to memory. The artwork, however, is another fresh collaboration with Bex (a.k.a. “Pensive Portals”), who had graciously conjured the crispy $ in the cheese-biscuit-crypto-coin logo.