An eclectic amalgamation of electro-psy-funk-DnB-nuDisco-trance-metal, Alyag is a Canadian multi-instrumentalist and music producer armed with what one might describe as a less-than-conventional sense of humor (as is often reflected in his unabashedly peculiar track titles), blending elements from a broad range of highly varied electronic dance genres oft injected with guitar riffs inspired by melodic metal and funk, as well as tangentially rambling in incessantly lengthy run-on sentences.

On stage, Alyag is an even farther reaching extension of that eclectic energy, blending all original music into a cohesive, ever-flowing electronic mix while he deftly switches between live guitars, synthesizers, and drum samplers amid a furious whirlwind of emotes. Each set is uniquely arranged, featuring extensive remixes of his existing work coupled with unreleased material and new transitions – often entire musical sections not heard anywhere else – tailored specifically toward that individual performance. 

His most notable past appearances have included Reign Bough Fiddle, FozzyFest, Astral Harvest, Shambhala, Inshala, and Wicked Woods music festivals, at times alongside Kali Yuga & The Genesa Project as a DJ/instrumentalist-power-trio, as well as numerous solo performances at various western Canadian dance clubs.

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