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Go behind the scenes to learn the inspiration behind the tune, get an in-depth look into how it was created, hear unreleased early demos, and more!

I’m turning my latest release into a multi-day launch experience to tell a much deeper (than is typically customary) story behind the music, from inception to finalization, and you’re cordially invited to join in!

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Your invite includes:

  • Hidden SoundCloud and YouTube streaming links, as well as studio-quality WAV and 320kbps MP3 downloads of the tune (which won’t be available anywhere else for several more weeks).
  • An in-depth, in-the-DAW video where I crack open the production session in Ableton and provide a layer-by-layer breakdown of the 80+ tracks that comprise this song’s final arrangement, as well as dip into some of my favorite sound design tricks.
  • Three early demo versions of the track (some dating back to 2011) that have since been thoroughly revised or redacted, and will never be publicly released.
  • In-studio video rants about how the tune had originally come about, and its eventual evolution.
  • Insight into the creation of the artwork, from early paper brainstorm sketches into the digital domain (and several in-progress iterations thereof).
  • Guitar tablature! I’d painstakingly tabbed out / notated all of the guitar parts, and even created a follow-along video with a scrolling tab underneath for the guitarists among us.
  • Finally, a performance video, where I frantically swap ‘tweenst my guitar and multiple synths / controllers (as per my usual modus operandi) in a live recorded version of the track. 

A lot (if not most) of artists produce a single, or an album, or what-have-you, upload it to the digital streaming platform of your preference, and cruise on.

And while it’s cool n’ all that the tunes get unleashed into the aether, the consequent flip-side tends to be that there’s little to no resulting dialogue ‘round the meaning behind the music, nor the sharing of the personal stories that’d inspired the tracks.

Hence why I’ve made the release of my new metal drum n’ bass single, Electric Space Kitten, more than just a run-o’-the-mill, blast-it-out-across-teh-interwebs-n’-see-what-maybe-happens sort of event. 

There’s tremendous amounts of intent behind it, and, although on paper it’s heavy melodic instrumental dance music, there’s kind of an intricate story behind it, and that’s precisely what I intend to elucidate to you with this entire thing.

It may potentially come off as a tad audacious, but I truly aim to effectively tear down the walls that typically exist between the artist and generous listeners, and instead bring all together in a virtual launch experience, delivered straight into your inbox over multiple days.

Each day you’ll receive a new chapter with detailed insights into the story, inspiration, conceptualization, and the creation processes that’d ultimately led to the song’s final rendition. You’ll see exclusive in-studio video diaries, footage of the original artwork being made, hear the since-redacted early demo versions of the track, receive hidden streaming and download links for the music weeks before it becomes available anywhere else, and much more. 

And the best part?

I wanna share it with you for HECKIN’ FREE. All of it — from the very first demo I’d conjured the original morning of, to the final product that’d actualized almost a decade later.

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