Get your limited edition “Electric Space Kitten” shirt bundle!


One of an extremely limited run of 15 shirts
A handwritten note from Alyag
Commemorative sticker pack

I don’t know about you, but I’m a fan of silly cat shirts (if my live performance videos are any indication). So rather than simply stop at wearing ’em, I’d felt the ultimate calling to make my own.

If you were privy to the multi-day launch sequence that had accompanied the release of my latest electro-psy-drum-n’-bass-metal single, “Electric Space Kitten“, you had seen in-progress footage of my designing the artwork for this swanky piece of cosmic feline swag, from scratch, first using the ol’ pen-and-paper sketch, and then transferred onto an iPad. My partner-in-crime later applied her (far superior) skills to correct my sloppy line work, as well as adding detail and shading to the kit.

Each of these shirts is a near-illegal amount of comfy, printed on a Bella Canvas type — some of my favorite and longest-lasting pieces of apparel are the same, so you can rest easy knowing that this adornment will be with you for many a year… not to mention the fact that it’s bound to spark up a conversation or two. 

With each purchase I’ll be including a personalized, handwritten note to properly thank you for your ongoing support of my creative antics. You’ll also get some dope stickers to slap onto your laptop, dresser, guitar case, fridge, whatever. And as a final little tidbit, I’ll even toss in a couple of my favorite guitar picks (which super helps if yours got lost in the couch somewheres).

Nab ‘em now though, ‘cause I’ve only got a handful left!

Indisputable proof that each bundle is handled n' packed by yours truly. Which is also why it may take me a day or two to make it to a post office to mail yours out (y'know, between work, sleep, and my rigorous snacking regimen); but you'll definitely receive tracking info as soon as it's provided to me.

…by the by, if you weren’t privy to the aforementioned launch sequence, and wanted to not only see how this artwork was made, but also get an in-depth look at the music and everything that went into making the track from the ground up, its ten-year history, download the music (including several older, unreleased alt. demo versions), and even learn to play it on guitar — all for free — click here.