Get your limited edition “Electric Space Kitten” shirt bundle!


One of an extremely limited run of 30 shirts
A handwritten note from Alyag
Commemorative sticker pack

A lot of artists treat their fans as… well, fans. But I’ve always thought of my supporters as an immediate extension of my crew and family. And so I’d like to not only treat you something special, but also let you know that I appreciate you to no end. 

That’s why this is more than just a merch offer — it’s a reminder of this dope experience that you n’ I have just shared and embarked upon over the past few days; it’s a token of my commitment to not only continue to create all-encompassing content that you enjoy, but also a swanky piece o’ cosmic feline swag you can don with pride (and likely spark up a convo or several with).

Each of these limited-to-just-thirty shirt bundles is available exclusively to those that’ve been through this entire launch experience, at a special discounted price that will never be publicly available.

I’ll be including a personalized, handwritten note to properly thank you for joining me on this journey. You’ll also get some dope stickers to slap onto your laptop, dresser, guitar case, fridge, whatever. And as a final little tidbit, I’ll even toss in a couple of my favorite guitar picks (which super helps if yours got lost in the couch somewheres).

Nab ‘em now though, ‘cause they’ll sell out quick!

Indisputable proof that each bundle is handled n' packed by yours truly.