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My dainty upbeat new breakbeat / funky drum n’ bass number, “Public Restroom Justice Warrior“, hits the Interwebz airwaves on 3.07.22, but I want YOU to hear it first! Because you’re great. And I love you. In, like, a totally platonic and not overly weird way. 

Here’s the digs:

1. You’re going to click that button.
2. A box will appear, asking you for your email addy.
3. You’re going to give the box said addy.
4. The box will tell me.
5. I will know.
Then, once I know, I’m going to send you a sneaky link to a secret page containing full-res studio-quality downloads and/or streams of my latest release before anyone else dares lay their grubby earballs upon it. Along therewith will be another freebie download, this time of the original demo version I’d conjured back in 2017, but hadn’t bothered finishing until now. This demo version will never be released, so it’ll be exclusively yours to have, to hold, and to compare the new version to. In doing so, you’ll get a kind of before/after insight into how my production has progressed o’er the last five years of arduous tune-tinkers, which can be a bit interesting, y’know, for science or whatever.

You’ll also get a full run-down on what’d inspired the backstory of the tune, along with its quirky off-color title, and just what it means to be a “Public Restroom Justice Warrior”… it may not at all be what you think it means. 

…although maybe you ought to write down what you think it means before learning its origins, and let me know? I’d love to hear your theories! Seriously.

And, seriously, let me know where you want me to send the things via the button below (or above):

It may be worth mentioning that if you dig my antics enough to entrust me with your email, that’s a trust that will not go unrewarded… because not only does that signal to me that you genuinely care for and enjoy what I do, but also that you’re curious enough to sink your teeth in a tad further, and I’m more than happy to provide. 

Going forth, you’ll periodically receive all my upcoming releases — again, completely free — along with accompanying videos or other content pertaining to their creation, including unreleased demos, remixes, artwork iterations, studio diaries, textual rants, live performances, and all sorts of other neat tidbits that the rest of the world doesn’t get to see or hear. These are ‘sclusive spiffs for those that want ’em, and you’re hereby cordially invited to partake.

I’d love to hang witchu, and I hope to see you in there.

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