Copacetic (Live)

What do silly watermelon socks,  acoustic & electric guitars, a demonic kitten, space-age MIDI controllers, a veritable plant jungle, elevator lounge music, salt lamps, melodic metal drum n’ bass, and a fish have in common?

They all fit rather amicably in my living room, is what.

Celebrating the third-year anniversary of my creation of this tune, I’d filmed a live performance video of “Copacetic”, which hails from 2018’s debut Recreational Schizophrenia EP. I’ve oft referred to it as what would happen if somebody were to feed personified elevator lounge music a cocktail of amphetamines, and have it subsequently careen t’ward a smoky 80’s metal themed dive bar hosting a drum & bass rave night. From a spark of elevated (so to speak) class to the downtrodden and kinda dirty, it’s an upbeat number that’s all the right kinds of frantic, and easily one of my favorite tracks to perform.

Additionally, I’d recorded a separate acoustic version purely for funsies. Peep below.