Get My New Electro-Psy-Funk-Disco-Trance-Metal Single Before It Officially Drops!

And, while you're at it, join me on a one-continuous-shot journey through an adult-sized blanket fort in the accompanying video!


To accompany the launch of my new tune, “Passive Aggressive Predator”, which officially releases 11.13.20 (because something something spooky Friday the 13th), I filmed a rather ambitious one-shot video of my performing the various instrumental parts of the track whilst wandering through my house, using a battery powered groovebox, a synth, a controller, and my guitar — all strategically positioned along my route, wirelessly connected, and synced to audio playing back from my studio computer (also being wirelessly monitored). I’d programmed the groovebox to send wireless MIDI messages to my computer in order to start the playback from the second floor of the house, where the video began… in my bed.

The entire ordeal took weeks of prep, a hefty pile of rental equipment, and about three somewhat haphazard run-throughs before my copilot n’ I had finally captured a take we were amply stoked on. Everything was shot continuously, with no breaks, cuts, or transitions, using only my iPhone and a stabilizer gimbal.

And so, not only am I all kinds of jazzed to have successfully concluded said escapade, but even more so excited to share the completed tune and video with you… so much so that, because you’ve already so generously lent your ear to some of my previous sonic shenanigans, I want to thank you by letting you see and hear everything well before the planned official release date of November 13th, completely free!

All’s you need do is let me know which email you’d like me to send everything to, and I’ll fire it your way.

Immediately upon sign-up you’ll receive the music video, along with a behind-the-scenes explanation of how it was pieced together and the gear I’d used to make it all happen. Then, on Friday, November 6th, a full week before it hits Spotify / Apple Music / what-have-you / the rest of the world, the 6-plus-minute-long track will land in your inbox, along with a video studio diary telling the story of how the music came together, what’d inspired the title, and how the artwork came to be. You’ll get full-resolution downloads of both the new single and the artwork; I’ll also provide private links for you to stream it if you’d rather hear it that way… again, all sans charge, just ‘cause I like ya.

So what’re you waiting for? Hit that button and step into my zany lil’ sphere of existence! I’m literally letting you into my home here ;P