"Electric Space Kitten"

Chapter One: The Story

It was twoscore and eleventy yarrs ago*.

*Editor’s note: this is not a real date nor quantification of time, and the numbers obviously don’t make sense; it does, however, somewhat pertain to the year 2011, Current Era, in a grossly twisted and misappropriated sort of way. Also, kindly forgive the use of “yarrs” in lieu of “years” — the author is clearly bonkers and thinks he’s somehow a pirate, which he isn’t. 

I’d blasted awake at some ungodly hour in the morn, having experienced mere moments ago one of those exceptionally rare lucid dreams where an entire musical composition had somehow downloaded, performed, and produced the entirety of itself within my dreamstate mind. 

If you’re a fellow creator (of any medium), you know exactly how rare and precious such dreams are. 

Even more rare and precious is the capacity to retain those dreams, let alone remember and transcribe their entirety into the waking state. You regain consciousness elated, endlessly excited that the Goddess of Creativity hath bestowed her divine presence upon thee, channeling through you, gifting you with such an incredibly elaborate spark of inspiration, making you Her conduit in this one highly concentrated burst of artistic energy…

…hell, this might very well be your best work to date…

…aaand moments after waking, you’ve immediately forgotten it all.


I’ve been there more times than I (literally) remember, and doubtless you have too.

Yet on that one fateful December morning, I’d somehow retained the main motifs of the song that I’d dreamt mere moments before waking. 

Frantic and fearing the very real potential loss of memory, I’d leapt out to the edge of the bed, reaching for the seven-string guitar resting upon its stand within arm’s length, and translated the notes so freshly circulating ‘round my barely conscious mind onto the fretboard. A few unplugged practice runs later, I’d powered on my desktop, opened Cubase, and mapped out the MIDI notes comprising the main melody. Programmed the drums. And built it from there. 

Yet, despite my being amply jazzed on it always, the tune had never truly found its rightful home within my ongoing musical endeavours; it was “too electronic” and lyricless to serve my old metal project, and a tad “too metal” to fit into my more recent dancey electronic experiments. As such, the glorious bastard step-child had continued to persistently lurk in my periphery, but unfortunately struggled to carve a true standalone path for itself…

…until now.

At long last, I feel it’s reached its final form. In fact, there’s a very real chance it may be my greatest production to date… and certainly worthy of being my most ambitious release yet.

It’s a hella heavy, catchy, melodic metal drum n’ bass piece with an ambient psy-chill interlude, themed around a stoic rocker kitten blasting around space with a jetpack, shredding the electric guitar, aptly named, “Electric Space Kitten”.

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